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       Volumen 11                 I Shall Testify

Intro I Shall Testify


There are many ways to receive blessings from God.  But the simplest way is to ask for them directly.  As the words from James Chapter 1 verse 5 states:

"If you need wisdom, if you want to know what God wants you to ask Him and He will gladly tell you.  He will not resent your asking."

           Sample 1                                   Worthy To Be Praised

Worthy To Be Praised

What a Mighty God we serve!

the God of all Creation,

the Healer of our hearts

the God of our salvation.


He protects us from all evil

wipes dry all our tears,

leads us into right paths

In His presence there is no fear.


He cleanses us from every sin

remembers them no more,

takes us into high places

So His name we can adore!


His throne is way up in Heaven

But also dwells in our hearts,

Oh how awesome is our God!

He holds the World in His hands.


Let’s confess in one accord

That He is the Lord of glory,

Let‘s sing praises to His name

He is worthy to be called Holy!

           Sample 2                                            The Secret

The Secret

Do you want to know..

Why all the success?

Why is it your program

In leaps and bounds grows?


What it stands for...

Is the secret key,

Where there is praise

There is victory.


The secret is praise

To acknowledge His love,

And power comes down...

From God... from above.


He dwells in the praises

Of those chosen ones...

No wonder the miracles!

Let's all raise our hands.


Oh brethren, keep praising!

Keep worshipping Him!

And victory is yours,

You are His redeemed.


Don't worry about foes

Nor enemies fear,

At the Almighty's presence...

They all... disappear!

Table of Contents


  •  The God We Serve
  • Time is Running Out
  • Worthy to Be Praised
  • My Child
  • A Glimpse of Heaven
  • Coming Home
  • I Praise You Lord
  • Bound for Heaven
  • To My Granddaughters
  • Praise the Lord I
  • Praise the Lord II
  • To a Granddaughter
  • My Dear Son
  • To a Sister in Christ
  • I Surrender All
  • On Your Wedding Day
  •  Confessing God's Goodness
  •  My Dear Friend I
  • My Dear Friend II
  • A Grateful Patient
  • Born Again
  • God's Grace
  • The Secret
  • God's Call to America
  • The Last Call
  • Don't Give Up
  • You Are Not Alone
  • He Did It All
  • Our Delight
  • To My Granddaughter
  • To a Teacher
  • The Awesome and Living God
  • The Lord of All
  •  The Awesome God I Serve

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